I am building a boat!

It's a 11m ocean going catamaran

Never done anything like this before so it's going to be interesting. At the end I will have a live-aboard ocean going catamaran with 6 - 9 berths which will be fantastic but equally amazing is all the challenges I will face building and designing much of the boat.

Even getting to this stage took some time and effort. I have looked at many designs and downloaded many study plans. It came down to two Australian designers Peter Nell and Mike Waller, primarily because they use standards and materials that are relevant to New Zealand and they are nice functional boats. The desire to build my own catamaran started when I went looking for an  amature builder design and found the original Easy 32 over a decade ago. Was living in Cairns - Queensland at the time and found one of these being built locally. I was working for a tourism company and also saw the boats out on the sea and they looked really professional and the seed was sown.  As with all good ideas its all about timing and now is the time for me.

I selected the Waller 1100 Mk2 designed by Mike Waller. Lots of reasons for the choice but most importantly everyone in the family is happy with it. For an endeavor that is likely to take 4 years to complete this in incredibly important as I need their support.



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