The first load of wood has arrived and with it the start of the build which is the laying of the hardback.

This is the base that the boat will be build on. The boat is build with the bulkheads upside down on the hardback and so it's critical that the hardback is level.  With an 11 metre length even a little out adds up to quite a lot overall. For some this is an easy job as they start with level ground in a workshop.

Not so for me I am building in a back yard that is anything but level it varies in both directions.

The photo shows the drop off the I had to contend with.

So I started by lining up a series of posts  clamped to the hardback sides. I used a level to get them mostly right and definately upright continuied until I had the entire hardback in place and looking close to what I wanted. Each post was concreteted in place



The next step was to add the matching hardback and once again this was a process of clamping and concreting in a series of posts. This time leving across as well as along the hardback.  I then used the same process to put in place the second hardback.

With all the posts no in place it was time to make sure that the entire structure was completely level to within 1 mm at any given point. While it all looked ok with a level I pulled out my Lazer lever and found that there was almost 10 mm difference overall. The lazer has a very accurate level and a spinning lazer that can be checked at any point using a stick that catches the lazer.  It was a bitterly cold day when I was doing all this with my mate Simmon who was off the watch the Hurricans take on the Lions in the Super Rugby final. I got to watch the delayed coverage at home and it was a fantastic win.



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