Progress has been good up until now but winter has hit - in more ways than one


Finally started to add the longitudials to the hull as the picture shows. Was really happy with the lines. Each one awas made up of three lengths that were scarfed together to run the lengh of the boat.Things were going great!

And then Winter hit.

The first problem I had was the DeWalt had a melt down and stoped working - but that was just the start

Discovered that the resin was not curing properly and when I checked it I found that the temperature was simply too low for the resin to harden. I have a heater and so desided I could heat the scarf joins but would wait until the temperature got back up before I joined then to the bulkheads.

And then winter really hit.

While sleeping soundly in the house with the new double glazing a storm hit and blew the end of the marquee open. Ony discovered the damage when we found a section of the stucture over the driveway in the morning.

The 150 square meters of roof had popped of the frame with the wind. Spend around 3 hours lashing and refitting the roof when a really big blast hit and the roof lifted and all hell broke lose

The result was heart breaking. The roof was like a massive sail and just ripped and twisted the structure and after getting hit in the head I ran for cover and we had to just let the storm run it's course. When we go up the next day two of the roof sections where bend and the roof PVC was torn and all over the place.

We had planned a week away skiing and so we of what we could and off we went.

I many ways we were lucky that there was no real damage to the boat but two weeks later and still working on fixing the marquee. Shipping in some metal to fix the broken sections and some tarps to water tight the roof.

We are now looking at shink wrapping the entire marquee to avoid a repeat.

Not a lot of boat building going on right now. Have just got the Dewalt back so can look at cutting some wood if the suns out.

In the evenings I am now building the DIY electonics for the boat so next post might have a happer story to relate.


Right now still a bit sore and sad. 


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