We are building the boat in our backyard

This is were it starts to get real - finding some where to build the boat and prepping the site. I was lucky we had a backyard that was flat Enough and big Enough to built the boat. But there was still a lot of work to do before I could really start building.

Started out with the current shed that was right where one of the hulls needed to be and the tramp. The hardware you can see is a 10m x 15 m Marquee that will protect the catamaran during building.

So we had to move things around.  

Moving the tramp was easy and the photo to the right shows its new position and the tramp that has been relocated.

Moving the shed was a little more effort and I had to build a base for the shed and move the current shed to the new base.

So almost ready to move the shed so that I can look at setting up the Marquee.



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