Up go the walls

A bit of a rainy day when we started to put the walls up.

In between the heavy downpours we managed to get all the sides in place. The side are like sails with a round end that fits into the guides on the frames. First couple were really hard to get into place but it all became a lot easier when I sprayed the guide and sides with CRC oil.

There is a gap of 2 meters on all sides of the boat allowing for storage and moving equipment around during the build.

It was the first time that we had a clear area inside the build zone and I put in some pegs to show the size of the boat. The family finally had a clear idea of the size of the boat we are building and were pretty impressed. Hoping for a day of light winds so we can put the roof on this weekend coming up. Not sure that the weather is on our side so will have to wait and see.



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