After a week of rain and wind that made it impossible to put up the roof of the Marquee we had a Sunday of relative claim and with the help of my wife ,brother,and the kids we got the roof up for the marquee.

Felt like a huge acheivement - we have been working on site prep for 3 months. It was also a bit harder than we had hope it might be.

The top run through guides much the same as sails and the key is to add lots of lubrication to the guides and to the floor sections


The first one took ages - We just didn't have enough lubrication and it was hell to pull it through the guide. The secound one was better but we were using a rope to pull the sheet and our hands were strating to hurt. My brother fell of the fence at one stage and it was all starting look very hard. After a bit of an assessment of the situation we got two  pieces of wood and rapped the rope around this whioch was mush easier. We could hang of the rope to pull it.  So it was a case of feeding from one end and pulling from the other  We also had problems with some of the fixtures ripping - this was a secound hand Maquee and this was to be expected to a degree.

About 3 hrs later we finally had the floor in place

As the photo shows it was all a bit saggy to start. We talked about options to stop water gathering in the roof sections. It rianed and sure enough we had ;ost of water sititng on the roof. Time for a Plan B. I used tie downs and some springs left over from tramps that had fallen apart to tension the roof sections and so far so good. Has stopped raining so we will have to wait and see.

Of couse you may be asking why we need such a robust structure to build the boat in - surely we could of just used a cuople of tarps and some steel?

Because we live in Windy Wellington and we get strong winds quite often. I need the shed to last 4 to 5 years, while I build the boat and so I needed something that could withstand 90Km winds which is the rating for this marquee.


I must admit that I was really happy to have the shed in place before the depths of winter and so was Kym.

We celebrated with a nice bottle of red after we had finished!

Next steps is to move all the building equipment up to the shed and then....


To order the wood and fibre glass to start the build

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