Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball and thats what happened to me.


The night of my birthday I was on the train and started having hot flushes. Being the middle of winter I looked at the other passengers and they were rugged up when I was really hot and I figured that things were not quite right. Not long after I was sick - just kept throwing up. Managed to get by the next day but by Sunday afternoon was started to feel reaaly poorly and so cancelled the brithday gettogether and went to the local after hours. The doctor had a look and prompty sent me to the main A&E with a probable partical bowel blockage.

I had had a full blockage that required operating 5 years ago. It took a good year and a halve to heal so I was feeling pretty down. This would put the boat building plans to rest for a long time.

As it was after three days climbing the walls in hospital things sorted themselves out and I was allowed to go home - but not without a parting gift. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetites. It was quite something to get my head arround this as I was not A-typcial at all. Thats life and so I have adjusted and continue to do so.

During the adjustment time we decided that we needed to have a marquee warming party before we started the build and so last weekend we decked out the marquee with lights a PA system and a dance floor, using the wood that arrived for the boat. It was great to have our friends around and for then to see the size of the shed and get a real feel for the size of our undertaking building the boat. We all had a great time and I am now engerised and back up and rearing to go.


Next weekend I start to mark and cut the bulkheads for the hulls. We finally start building the boat

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