Taking a break

It's my mother in laws brithday and she wanted all the older kids to walk the Milford Track and so there is no work on the backyard this weekend.

Just as well as I managed to cut my left thumb cutting back the hedge so it was going to be hard going to do much anyway. A final clean up when we get back and then planning to have  crowd round and lift and move the shed and put up the Marquee which will mark the end of the prep phase and the start of the real build. Have spend the week cooking and dehydrated meals for the 9 people on the tramp.  We invested in a dehydrator fo our last tramp and it has more than paid for it's self. Frozen Rogan Josh for the first night following by Spag Bog and then Chilli Con Carne for the other nights.  Cost less and $140 for the three meals and some shacks - which is a thrid of the cost of the commercial packets.

Half of the group arrived last night and so we had a bit of a get together with friends. We meet most of the others at the airport and fly down to Queenstown today to join the rest of the crew .

We are all very excited - this is rated as one of the greatest walks in the world. Hope to get some photos to post when I get back.

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