Well what an interesting time it has been cutting wood and changing jobs with a holiday added into the mix.

The first load of soft wood arrived which is used for the longitudinals and other beams in the boat. It came in pallets of large planks the largest being 200mm x 50mm x 4.8 meters.


I had a Triton work bench that has served me for many years but needed to be able to rip so strange angles for the boat and so had invested in a brand new Ryobi bench saw. Well it didn't even last the first plank. About the halve way mark it made a strange sound and that was it. I took it back to Bunnings who credited me towards a Dewalt heavy duty saw and I spend three days ribing the large planks into smaller sizes like 19mm x 42mm. This is the wood for the hulls and there is another load to follow!

I also changed my role and having some leave decided to take a break and so the family spend a week in Rarotonga where the kids completed an openwater scuba drivers course. I am an ex dive instructor and wanted to capture the event on video and so brought a GoPro on special and filmed the seadives. The results are awesome with footage of lion fish, moray eels and a turtle in crystal clear water.

Did manage to fry my iPhone. Had a bottle of rainX - which you put on the camera lens to stop water beading. I put it in the same bag as the iPhone and it leaked. When I remove the phone the display was purple and then blacked out and it has not worked since.

I had cut out the first three frames for the boat and mounted then onto the hard back and checked to see all the stringers fitted correctly and at last I had something that was starting to look like a boat hull. Apart form two miss measurements on one bulkhead it all aligned perfectly - One third of the hull structure done.

Hope to have all the bulkhead framing in place before xmas but maybe a bit hopeful as we have a busy time.


Will do what I can



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