The 7.8 quake was really something and we have not seen the end of it. There was no damage to the boat or the shed but it was part of a crazy November.

My inlaws decided that the time was right to look at downsizing houses and so we spent a weekend (granddads birthday) helping sort stuff out. My wife also spend a second weekend helping pack for the big move. As well as this I had agreed to build some structures for a troup as part of the prep for the Scout Jamboree at renwick this holidays.

It all sounded pretty simple. Build a gate and some tubs for washing clothes. after agreeing I got the details for the gate and the gate competition. The requirements for the gate where not so simple. It has to be of a certain size and reflex our troups theme (the porirua pirates)

And so I designed and built a pirate ship gateway. Only took me four days and so I have done very little on the boat side of things during November

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