Didn't have much of a summer this year but it was still busy and I didn't seem to get round to updating the log.

That is not saying that I was not busy. Finished marking and cutting out the bulkheads and they are all now fitted to the hardback

This picture was taken from the back of the marquee on a scaffold. The lens was not wide enough to get in the two closest bulkheads.

The tallest of these is over 2.5 m high and when I add the mimi keel I only have 0.5 m to spare untill i touch the roof.

Now have all the wood required to complete the hulls and are currently adding two coats of thinned epoxy to seal the bulkheads. I will then add the longitudinals and then the outer hulls at which time I will need to turn the hulls.

This will be interesting as I don't have the ability to lift the hulls much to do this. Have looked at many sites and U-tube videos and think I have a working plan.

Next update should see the framing in place.

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