One day as all there was in it!

I was planning to add some stringer to secure the bulkheads on the hulls

But the morning I when up to get started was a day to late.

The wind had got up overnight and managed to blow one of the bulk heads over and all the others went with it. 


The very front bulkhead was aready braced and stopped the rest of them. Apart from the mounts on the hardback nothing was damaged but it took me the morning to remount them all. Have now finished cutting out the bulkheads and it's time to start add the stringers. Have build a simple jig that will allows me to cut the scarfing joints so that it is a continuos length of wood for each stringer.

My first try was very successful providing a ten to one scarf.

It's starting to get a little cold in the marquee as we head for the deep of winter. First sign was a slowing in the time it took the resin to get to a sandable level. Overnight to two days now and still getting colder.




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