Winter is over and after two months of repair and cleaning up the mess we are back on track and back to building. Was really suprised and how long it took to get back to where I was before the storm hit.


 We had the marquee shrink wrapped and it's a lot better. The roof floats above the framing and is much quieter that it was. It is also much warmer and I had to buy a fan for working over summer. Have now made up all the stringers for the boat and as the photo shows have put them in place and squared up the bulkheads.

Put up the last ones for the first hull this weekend and it all seems to line up. Fell of as I was lifting the top ones and scraped my arm and ribs - am feeling a little sore today.

For me this is one of the critical points for the build - once I glue the stringers in place there is no going back and so I am going slow and double checking everything that I do. I hope to get the hulls finished and rolled before the end of summer.


Met up with a relation that was a professional boat builder and discussed what I was doing and it was good to hear that I had the basics right. Also great to have someone that can answer my questions as I progress.

Still going and have dedicated my summer holiday to working on the boat.

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