Have just epoxied the last pieace of framing into place on the first hull.

Its the curved section that will lock in the front of the bridgedeck. It is actually four pieces of 9 mm ply glued together and is 2metres long.

The angle of the curve is provided in the build guide and I looked at two different options. The first was much less of an angle and I was not sure that it was enough so I made up one with a more rounded shape. Something was driving me to the first and in the I blew up the plans and used a protractor to check the angles at four points and found that my first attempt was spot on. The picture shows the four glued into position with a section of the bridge deck that is build with the hull. When you turn the hull you then add the middle section to join them together.


I have a jig that I will use to bend the two sheets of ply before I mount them so the have the right curve that matches these.


Was hoping to be further ahead but we had a much hotter summer that usual and it was just too hot to epoxy after 12am most days. This is after I moved an old fridge up to cool the chemicals so I would have more time to work. Have some leave saved up so when the temperature is right I can send some full days on the boat. Still hoping to have the hulls turned before winter.

Really amazed at how it all fitted together and how strong it is. Have started planning the chines (were the hull angles change) and there is a lot of wood to be removed and it is taking way more time than I thought it would

Still it's progress

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