A cold southery runs up the island and marks the end of the epoxy gluing for a while.


Have finished gluing all the stringers into place and have now planned all of the chines.

Here I am on the top of the hull planning the last of the chines.

It gives you an idea of the size of the boat

The first comment everyone makes is that the boat is way bigger than they thought it was and this goves you some scale.

Getting everything glued into place was my target for the start of winter. Just getting too cold for the resin to set over the next month or so.

I am now sanding down any rough bits and looking at cutting out the hull sheets whoch should take me through until the temperatures rise again.


The plan is to be ready to roll the hulls before christmas so I have time to join them and build the supper structure over summer next year.

One last photo  of the hull and Simon who was leading a hand.





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