Been a while since I updated the site but that doesn't mean that I have not been at work.

After the storm we removed the PVC panels from the marquee and had the structure shrink wrapped. This means that the cover is no longer attacted to the frame and no longer twisting it. Is working well but it now gets quite hot when the sun is out.

This photo shows the progess that has been made since. It also shows one of the repairs that we had to make to the framing.

Have sized, cut mounted and then planned the 70 panels that make up the hulls. This was a two stage process.

First we had to mount and mark each panel so we could cut it to roughly sit in place. We then that to plan the overlaps between the panels. We also had to mark the gule points on the inside of the sheets.

We then removed the sheets and drilled pilot holes for the screws before gluing both the sheets and the hull framing it was to adhere to.

We then put them in place and screwed then on cleaned up the excess epoxy running fillets on the inside. Wiuth two of us we where managing 5 - 6 sheets a day so it took 7 weeks to finally bet the sheets onto the hull.

We are now sanding the joins and are really happy with the results. Have cut out the frame for the mini keels which you can see siding on the top of the hull.

The next couple of months will involve sanding the joins smooth adding back panels where the section join and the glassing the hulls pior to turning

Happy to be making process

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