The boat plans provide enough information to build a safe and sound boat.

As a builder the rest is up to you. The designer will provide advise and help with weight and balance questions and answer any questions to put to them.

There is a lot of design considerations that you must make - that are specific to your needs.

So here are my take on what I have and what I need.


Modern Technology is now starting to make some real changes in marine electrics & electronics. When I first looked at building a boat it was all about expensive stand alone systems. Larger boats had an array of large terminals to provide for Radar, Navigation, Depth sounding and other common marine electronics. Now  I am finding that more and more options exist that integrate sensors with our smart phones and tablets. I allready have  Navigation on my Ipad and there is now a radar that uses the Ipad as the display and control unit. I expect that during the boat build time a lot more will become available and so apart from some existing tecnology I have  - will be holding off until I get closer to launch time.

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